VAKHO JAJANIDZE – Film Director 


Tbilisi was founded by King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century with the legend of a pheasant which, speared by his arrow, fell into thermal waters. Since then, the bath zone has been the heart of Tbilisi. Six ancient baths – historical and ritual places where visitors are served by masseurs even today. Near the bath-houses you can find almost all symbols of Old Tbilisi, among them Chaikhana, a very pleasant venue with oriental charm. 


There are only two steps from Abanotubani to Meidani, the multicultural space of Old Tbilisi. Merchants, masters, and people of different religious got together here, creating dynamic and multi-colored features of the city. Head to Leselidze (now Aphkhazi) Street, you can find there a plethora of different shops and little cafes oriented to tourists. 


It’s well worth a walk up to Narikala to enjoy the magnificent views over Tbilisi. You can then go to either the botanical garden or Betlemi district.

SOLOLAKI-MTATSMINDA-VERA – You can feel the historical rhythm of the city while strolling in these districts, where you’ll come across yards with wooden balconies and solid Renaissance houses. 

MTATSMINDA – A plateau you can get to by car or ropeway. On your way, you can also visit the Mtatsminda Pantheon of Georgian public figures. In addition, there is the TV broadcasting tower – Tbilisi’s postcard icon on the mountain. The views from Mtatsminda are really magnificent.

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