Sesili Kemularia’s Creative World

A few words about your professional background.

I graduated the Faculty of World Politics at Lomonosov State University in Russia and I’m a student of the Visual Arts Faculty at Sholokhov Pedagogical University, with a focus on painting and sculpture. The first university gave me a good basis of history, international relations and languages. Regarding art, I felt that my self-education and the art academy were not enough and I wanted to make a bigger step forward. I’d known since childhood that I had extraordinary taste that made me different at school, university and at work, as well as in streets. First, I started to work in Elysee magazine in Moscow, where I covered ongoing local fashion events, then I continued my job as a visual merchandiser at Mercury, where I made the windows of such brands as: Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta, Slp, Valentino, Dolce and Gabanna; I also organized the styling and trunk shows of new seasonal collections.

What kinds of projects attract you most?

When I entered the Marangoni Institute of Milan, I started to put all my inspirations into practice, and I realized that I could do  styling for everyone and every brand, but that I cared more about my personal vision on fashion. Today, I’m working on four collections and my projects refer only to setting up and developing my personal trend.

A project which holds a special place in your career.

My special project is a collection devoted to my friend and her two year-old child: they both passed away this year. I’ve been working at this project for a long while and it’s my little personal protest to the current political situation in the world. I want to keep other details a secret, as I plan to do my first presentation in the world of fashion with this project. 

How would you describe your personal style?

In two words: wearable avant-guarde.

Your source of inspiration.

Inspiration can come from different directions; factually, it’s a reflection of your inner world. Once, a professor told me, “you are so young, but you pay attention to many details that in generally are not noticed by others…” I can only say that I’m inspired by my life, my family and my country.

Your working process.

First, I start exploring the new trends of the season at the special site, then I figure out my theme. Afterwards comes an important stage of researching and I place numerous patterns in one book, a runway of editorial images, going deep into history with an attempt to find something new and fresh, closer to the theme. An ordinary wine bottle may become a shoulder or the skirt construction and so on. Then I start making sketches, dozens of sketches, until I find what I need, then I make a technical drawing of the clothes front and back. Later, I go to a tailor with the complete information of what I want, then I create the total look and choose the fabric. The following steps include finding an appropriate face and body in a model, and finally making a runway styling with shoes and accessories.

Describe your personality in short.

Purposeful, diligent, stubborn, fair, creative.

Do you often visit Georgia?

Yes, quite often; especially since I decided to create my own brand in Georgia.

Your most vivid impressions about Georgia.

For me, Georgia is warmth, associated with my father’s childhood home.

Do you ever feel nostalgic?

I often feel nostalgic and whenever I find free time, I try to spend day or two here. 

Do you plan to launch a project in Georgia?

I plan to organize my debut show in Georgia, which is an ideal place, as the first paragraph of my brand’s identity is respecting one’s roots.

A few words about your future plans.

My future purpose is to introduce a new vision in fashion and art and to show people that we can see beauty where others see ugliness. After the Tbilisi show, my collection will be available online. Another plan is to launch a show in Moscow and open a shop.

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